Frequently Asked Questions

SFA FIMS is a comprehensive database and software platform designed to collect, store, and manage fisheries-related information in the Seychelles. It serves as a centralized system for data management and analysis to support effective fisheries management.

The main purpose of SFA FIMS is to facilitate the collection, analysis, and dissemination of accurate and up-to-date fisheries information. It helps support sustainable fisheries management, decision-making processes, and policy formulation in Seychelles.

SFA FIMS provides valuable insights into the state of fisheries resources, catches, fishing effort, and related data. It enables stakeholders to make informed decisions, implement effective management measures, and ensure the long-term sustainability of fisheries resources. It also facilitates compliance monitoring and enforcement.

SFA FIMS has two interfaces - a public interface and a secure interface. The public interface is open to the general public. The secure interfaces is restricted to authorised users and relevant stakeholders involved in fisheries management, such as government agencies, fisheries researchers, and conservation organizations.

SFA FIMS collects a wide range of fisheries-related data, including information on fish stocks, fishing vessels, fishing effort, catch data, fishing licenses, fisheries-related legislation, fisheries research, compliance records, and fisheries revenue.

SFA FIMS employs various data validation and verification mechanisms to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the collected data. These include automated data checks, validation rules, and data quality control procedures. Additionally, regular audits and reviews help maintain the reliability of the system and its data.

Access to SFA FIMS is primarily granted to authorized users involved in fisheries management. However, certain aggregated or non-sensitive data is made available to the general public.

SFA FIMS plays a crucial role in supporting sustainable fisheries management practices by providing accurate and timely information on fish stocks, fishing effort, catch data, and various associated datasets. This data enables evidence-based decision-making, facilitates the assessment of fishing impacts, and helps formulate appropriate management measures to ensure the sustainability of fisheries resources.

There are currently no fees or charges associated with accessing the SFA FIMS public interface. To access the secure interface, a request will have to be made to SFA stating the purpose of the request and this can be emailed to [email protected]

Stakeholders and interested parties can contribute data to SFA FIMS through various channels, such as reporting systems, data submission forms, or electronic interfaces provided by the SFA FIMS platform. These mechanisms enable the submission of fishing-related information, catch reports, vessel monitoring data, and other relevant datasets in a standardized format for integration into the system.